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Vegetarian Softgel Capsules Have Become the New Favorites Among Consumers

The vegetarian version is becoming the product of interest in the softgel capsules market. Manufacturers claim that the capsules are a viable alternative for people wishing to consume non-gelatin capsules.
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General health consumer industry is witnessing a clear increase in the demand for innovative forms of dosage and natural products. And this trend is bolstering the growth of starch softgel capsules market. This market is expected to experience an exponential growth in next few years due to rising availability and increasing preference of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies for softgel capsules.

Study reveals that these softgel capsules are manufactured with strict quality standards and free of genetic modifications. However, difficulties in optimizing cellulose or starch for API delivery may impact the market of starch softgel capsules, as per the research analysts’ predictions.

Soft gels are one of the most common and widely used oral dosage forms of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. These capsules are available in gelatin and non-gelatin composition so that both people with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian preferences can consume it.

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) grants halal certification for the companies involved in the manufacturing of halal softgel capsules. This initiative is expected to create opportunities for starch softgel capsules market in Muslim-dominated countries.

The vegetarian softgels capsules do not contain any gelatin material that is derived from animal wastes. The capsules avoid any animal infection or disease and this gives confidence to the consumers to opt for it. So, the starch softgels satisfy the demand of vegetarian consumers as they can consume it without any fear. If we consider its chemical composition, vegetarian softgels are not only chemically stable but also have a low-moisture content that makes them less brittle even in low humidity.

The vegetarian version is becoming the product of interest in the softgel capsules market. Manufacturers claim that the capsules are a viable alternative for people wishing to consume non-gelatin capsules. Apart from pharmaceutical drug delivery, patients suffering from various medical conditions also use the vegetarian softgel capsule as nutritional supplements. These days manufacturers are in a need to differentiate their brands and products from the competition happening in a growing and increasingly crowded marketplace.

Currently, Catalent Inc, Robinson Pharma, Inc., Hunan Er-Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Procaps, and CAPTEK Softgel International Inc. are some of the major companies that are active in the market. As per the research report published by The Insight Partners the starch softgel capsules market is projected to growth to US$ 548.29 million by 2027 at a CAGR of 4.7% between 2020 and 2027.

The same research report also predicts that rising awareness among populace regarding the health and fitness benefits along with the high consumption of sports-associated supplements are likely to bolster the growth of the starch softgel capsules market.

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