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Trends Providing Growth Opportunities for Digital English Language Learning Market

As per conventional education system, English language learning is solely dependent upon the teaching skills of teacher or trainer. The digital revolution is transforming almost every aspect of our society. The tremendous progress in ICT industry has brought a remarkable shift in various business sectors including the education. This article explains the most important trends that will drive the Online English Language Learning market in coming years.
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Increasing adoption of the digital education system, rising number of immigrants for higher education and designing of advanced level of English curriculum in schools are some of the major factors driving the global Digital English Language Learning market.

According to the research report by The Insight Partners, The Digital English Language Learning Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.2% and reach to US$ 11,445.6 Million by 2027. Companies such as Babbel, Busuu Ltd., Cambridge University Press, Cengage Learning Holdings II, Inc., And Duolingo are already active in the market. Also, the partnerships were observed by the researchers as the most adopted strategy in the global Digital English Language Learning market. This article explains the most important trends that will drive the market in coming years.

Wide Range of Opportunities in Asia-pacific Region

Asia Pacific region consists of countries such as China, Australia, India, Singapore, and South Koea are enriched with educational levels. These countries are leveraging all possible methods and models to make improvement on English language proficiency and increase their English speaking population.

According to EF Education First English Proficiency Test, after European non-English speaking countries, Asian countries hold second position. Countries in Asia Pacific region have been investing in continuously over the years.

As per the research report by The Insight Partners, the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to provide wide range of profitable opportunities for the players operating in the Digital English Language Learning market in the future. The same report predicts that the market will grow at a CAGR of 17.2% during the forecast period of 2019 to2027 and will reach to US$ 5,974.6 Million by 2027.

Adoption of Digital Transformation in English Language Learning Market

The digital English language learning market is gaining popularity owing to the continuous advancements in the technology. The digital English language learning educators offer on-premise and cloud-based technologies including online portals, CDs, DVDs, and app based learnings. Due to the less data storage facilities, many companies offer cloud-based digital English language learning platforms to their students and candidates. The cloud-based storage has enough storage space that helps companies to update their content as and when required.

Internet facility enables students to complete every step of learning right from admission to certification without attending the college/institution. High speed internet helps student to download required material and watch online lectures without pausing it. Plus, with the wide network of internet, students from remote area are now able to learn English languages.

Increasing Attention and Initiatives by Government

Analyst confirms that the global education sector is transforming exponentially because of the initiatives undertaken by various government bodies. For example, Australian government’s initiative, Digital Education Revolution (DER)—initiated a decade ago—has fostered several universities and schools in leveraging digital education.

Similarly, Chinese government has initiated many policies to drive the digital English language learning. 51Talk is a digital English language learning institution in China and 17Zuoye is another digital platform for Chinese teachers, students, and parents that provide online exercises and homework and allow end users to enhance their reading and writing skills.

India’s government is also not behind in the market. SWAYAM is the most popular digital learning platform and initiative that is undertaken by India’s government. This platform helps students to opt for online courses that covers all higher education subjects. Also, international universities are allowed to offer their courses and examination through SWAYAM platform, which is enabling Indian students to learn and opt for exams from international universities. These factors increase the English learning, writing and speaking skills of the students.

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