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Trends in Transportation Sector Shaped by COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 crisis has horrible impact and it is responsible for transforming various operations in almost each and every sector. Most of the IT companies opted virtual work environment while retail sector is providing more online services. In this article, we will discuss the upcoming trends in transportation sector that have been forced to adapt by the pandemic.
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The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) and the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association Foundation (OOIDA) yesterday released a research report on impacts that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on trucking operations including deliveries, travel times, detention and truck parking. The finding of report concluded that approximately 70% of specialized and tank truck operations were negatively impacted. It also states that in almost every instance, smaller fleets reported more negative impacts than larger fleets.

"The trucking industry has weathered national disasters in the past, and is doing so again through the current COVID crisis," stated Rebecca Brewster, President and COO at ATRI. And, it has been observed that the COVID-19 crisis is going to set some trends in the transportation industry.

Online Platforms to Sell Vehicles

As customers are preferring online shopping to avoid contact, many automotive companies have cut the number of dealers and opted to sell their vehicles using online platform. Even before the pandemic, Tesla was used to sell its vehicles using these platforms. But now considering the need, almost every company is seen eager to develop technology-based options by launching mobile application or selling vehicle directly from its website.

Technology will Provide Safety and Efficiency in the Operations

In the lockdown period, truck drivers are considered as an important workforce as they are providing essentials to not only healthcare system but also public. As they are working on frontline to fight against crisis, their safety has too become crucial. Tech companies are developing mobile apps for making trucking operations safe and efficient.

For instance, MyTruckScales is a NTEP certified mobile and cloud-based truck scale management system produced by TruckPay, Inc. MyTruckScales enables truck drivers to receive weighment tickets on smartphones or tablets, while staying safely in the comfort of their trucks. MyTruckScales eliminates paper tickets and replaces physical kiosks, printers, and scale-house servers, saving scale owners thousands of dollars in capital expenditures and maintenance costs.

Transformation in Logistics and Supply Chain

Due to lockdown or to maintain social distancing, people are depending on online shopping, digital logistics and e-commerce services such as Amazon, Uber Eats, and Fresh Direct for food and groceries. This massive transformation is shifting the transportation towards more local and domestic operational services.

The key findings of the same report published by the ATRI and OOIDA states that as container imports at ports dried up, the long-haul trips of trucks are down. At the same time, local trips under 100 miles have been increased by more than 100 percent. While certain segments of the industry—including medical devices, foods and paper products—witnessed solid Covid-related rises in the truck traffic—approx. 50% of respondents described freight levels as "somewhat" to "much" lower due to Covid-19.

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