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Technological Trends Driving the Transportation Industry

The mobility as a service (MaaS) market has witnessed significant growth with great adoption rate in previous few years. Apart from that government bodies of many countries are focusing on the emission reduction to tackle the climate change issue.
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In coming years, with the advanced technologies, fully automated cars will drive themselves as per the pre-determined route. With these vehicles, travelling will become easier for all types of transportation. Heading out for vacation or even going for a game will become much easier. Best parts of these innovative transport trends are that these come with eco-friendly solutions, plus they provide secure and comfortable trip to the passengers. This article focuses on some trends in transportation that are making everyday life easier.

Expansion of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Market

Incoming population in urban areas is increasing rapidly in these days. Because of the influx of newcomers, it has become needful to reduce congestion and promote safety on a massive scale. To implement this, mobility as a Service (MaaS) provides a network of mobility solutions from private and public organizations. In the MaaS system, transportation companies work alongside cities to provide various mobility options that are affordable, accessible, and timely for a traveler.

The mobility as a service (MaaS) market has witnessed significant growth with great adoption rate in previous few years. Some of the main factors, driving the growth of this industry are rapid expansion of urbanization and increasing number of personal vehicles that is leading to congestions and parking issues. Also, many significant investments are being granted to develop and implement various technological solutions for public transportation system and better traffic management.

Companies including Uber Technologies, Inc., Bridi, Moovel, Whimm and Qixxit etc. are already contributing significantly into the market. According to the report of The Insight Partners on the MaaS market, it is expected that the market will reach to US$ 476.34 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 36.4%. Especially, in Asia Pacific region, the market is estimated to witness a CAGR of 7.3% in the coming period.

Increasing Demand for Zero Emission Infrastructure

Last month, Britain announced the ban on sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2035, which is five years earlier than the previous plan. “Hosting COP26 is an important opportunity for the UK and nations across the globe to step up in the fight against climate change,” PM Boris Johnson expressed in a statement released by his office. It also said, “As we set out our plans to hit our ambitious 2050 net zero target across this year, so we shall urge others to join us in pledging net zero emissions.”

In 2003, London implemented its congestion charging and it proved as a great success as it reduced greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Los Angeles also has the U.S. city-led sustainable transportation plans. As per the plan, most of the new cars and all city buses will be electric soon and it also considered how congestion pricing will help to reduce the traffic. Apart from that government bodies of many countries are also focusing on the emission reduction to tackle the climate change issues. Because of these reasons, markets of electric vehicles (EV) and its charging stations are expected to rise in coming years.

Rising Attraction for Personal Transportation Pods

The trend will mostly be used in big cities and populated residential areas. In many regions, public transportation comes with negative implications. Either these vehicles are overcrowded at specific time or some passengers may face criminal or suspicious activities in these vehicles at specific time/place.

But with the help of technological advancement, future public transportation is expected to witness positive changes. Some areas like surroundings of Heathrow Airport in London and many cities have started to use personal transportation pods to avoid these issues. These transportation pods have only one room for one passenger, help to reduce the risk of personal injury or crime. During the trip, passengers can read news, play video games, or check e-mails etc. Considering all the benefits of transportation pods, the expert predicts that it global market will CAGR of more than 18% by the end of 2026.

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