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Red White & Bloom and Avicanna Enter into Exclusive Partnership

Partnership allows for both companies to stake a claim in the expanding $532 billion beauty industry with the most advanced and only clinically backed CBD skin care line. Product line synergistically combines natural ingredients with CBD in advanced and proprietary formulations that have completed 3 cosmetic human clinical studies all achieving positive endpoint results, making H&W products the only cannabinoid consumer product line with human safety and efficacy data
By SIN Bureau
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Red White & Bloom Brands Inc. and Avicanna Inc. announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the exclusive distribution of Avicanna’s advanced and clinically backed CBD-based cosmetic and topical products Pura H&W by RWB in the US and certain other markets.

Brad Rogers, chairman and chief executive officer of RWB, stated, "This Agreement with Avicanna reflects our desire to seek out and provide the highest quality products available in the market. These formulations stand head and shoulders above anything else in the category and from our research it’s the most compelling, evidence-based product that retailers will feel confident listing and consumers can feel confident and comfortable using for their skin care needs.”

Under the agreement, which has an initial five-year term, RWB will exclusively distribute the Pura H&W brand and certain other white label brands at RWB’s direction. Having been developed by researchers and collaborators from world class medical and academic institutions, the Pura H&W line of products has been developed through a scientific and evidence-based approach. This approach in product development has allowed Avicanna to synergistically combine natural ingredients with CBD in advanced and proprietary formulations that have completed 3 cosmetic human clinical studies. Product development is always commenced with the consumer in mind and specific needs are addressed through analysis in observational as well as interventional clinical studies. Avicanna’s CBD infused cosmetics and topicals equip RWB with the opportunity to set the standards with advanced research and development for CBD cosmetics and GMP manufacturing.

Aras Azadian, CEO of Avicanna, commented, “After years of R&D and clinical development of what we believe is the most advanced line of CBD skin care products, we are thrilled to have partnered up with the team at RWB, who provide an ideal partner for Avicanna and the Pura H&W line of products. We believe their access and expertise in the US market through commercial and retail channels will allow the Pura H&W branded products to reach their potential as the leading skin care brand.”

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