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Quick Fix to Run Business and Keep Customers Close During Lockdown Period

As world is fighting against coronavirus crisis, many small and big industries are worrying about the damage. This article provides some quick tips like using the right technology and keeping transparency to run your business smoothly and face considerably low damage when the lockdown will be over.
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Many countries are struggling to prevent the spread of coronavirus. From small firms to biggest industries, all are facing financial loss because of this situation. But when the global public health crisis will be under control and supply chain disruptions caused by coronavirus will end, experts predict that it will take three to six months for companies to return to normal routine.

The United Kingdom, some regions in the United States, few countries in Africa, and India etc. are have announced complete lockdown to stop the spread. Only essential products’ services such as food, dairy products, and medicine etc. are allowed to continue the business. This article provides some tips to run your business smoothly, keep customers close in lockdown period and face less damage when lockdown it will be over.

Use technology for the Implementation of a Remote Work Option

As many employees are working remotely, it becomes difficult to track their work. There are various free tools available that business owners must utilize. It will help them to stay in touch with the team, and coordinate & keep a track of assigned task even if they are working from different places.

Keep Data Secure

As the entire resources are working from remote places, re-architecture of infrastructure is most important as it makes technological tools and workflow more resilient.

The workflow must have a system to detect:

  • internal threats to ensure there is no data leak and
  • external threats to combat cyber hacks.

Make a Policy

Implementation of remote work policy is very important. It will help owners/management to maintain the daily essential activities such as when the team must be online or available, to arrange meetings, and to discuss deliverables. The policy must mention the ways of communication like when to use email/video call etc. that will give clarity of work and ease the communication.

Be Transparent with Customer

Everyone is facing this pandemic. Even if your customers are aware of the situation, you must be transparent about what your business is facing and what are your steps to overcome it.

Attract Customers by Offering Incentives and Discounts

To stay business relevant in the current market and keep customers closer, offering various incentives and discounts on some products or services is must.

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