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QT Ultrasound to Present Research on Breast Imaging Technology

CEO, John Klock, MD, and Principal Scientist, James Wiskin, Ph.D, Present Innovation in Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound
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QT Ultrasound, developers of the QTscan, will be among the innovators in imaging technology to address audiences at some of the most influential industry events kicking off this new year.

 3D Printing of Human Breast Tissue
3D Printing of Human Breast Tissue

Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research hosted the 10th International Symposium on the Human Breast. At the event, Dr. John Klock, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of QT Ultrasound, was part of the multidisciplinary and international group of iconoclastic researchers, clinical scientists, and advocates to formulate new technical approaches to the study of breast cancer. By facilitating this intimate, think-tank environment, the Symposium goals included stimulating ideation, collaboration and, ultimately, breakthroughs that will end breast cancer.

QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner
QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner

Dr. Klock's presentation Making 3D Printed Models of Human Breast Tissues Using Transmitted Sound Imaging described how 3D image acquisition using transmission ultrasound can generate high-resolution datasets that can be used to 3D print specific tissue configurations from living subjects. Klock states that "this technology has many potential diagnostic and research applications."  Presentations include:

Quantitative Breast Density (QBD) estimation with 3D transmission ultrasound and incomplete information
Author(s): James W. Wiskin, Sanghyeb Lee, Martin Cwikla, Bilal H. Malik

Clustering-based quantitative breast density assessment using 3D transmission ultrasound
Author(s): Bilal H. Malik, Sanghyeb Lee, James W. Wiskin

Limited view reconstructions with 3D transmission ultrasound tomography: clinical implications and quantitative accuracy
Author(s): James W. Wiskin, Bilal Malik, Nasser Pirshafiey, John Klock

Orthopedic and myopathic imaging with 3D transmission ultrasound tomography: experimental verification, quantitative accuracy and clinical implications
Author(s): James W. Wiskin, Bilal Malik, D. Borup, Veena Theendakara, John Klock

Life Science Intelligence (LSI) is hosting Emerging Medtech Summit 2020 February 18-20, 2020 in Dana Point, California and QT Ultrasound will be there among 100 other innovators, strategists, and thought leaders participating and working to build the future of MedTech.

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