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PM Boris Johnson Vows to Close ‘Opportunity Gap’ after Brexit

Promised to make the "small improvements in life that people are craving" by addressing transport bottlenecks, improving rural bus services and broadband connections. He also said British apprentices must be employed on all "big new public sector" contracts after Brexit.
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Delivering Brexit would help the UK close the "opportunity gap between rich and poor", Boris Johnson has said.

In his first big speech of the election campaign, he promised to boost regional industry and drive a "clean energy revolution" after the UK leaves the EU.

Speaking during a visit to an electric taxi manufacturer near Coventry, the PM set out his vision for post-Brexit Britain, saying his goal was to unite the country and "level up" economic performance by boosting the regions.

He said the UK must be at the heart of the world's "green revolution", harnessing the power of science, innovation and technology to tackle climate change and create high-skilled, high wage jobs.

To demonstrate his party's support for enterprise, he said a future Tory government would double funding for research and development to £18bn in the next Parliament, which would amount to the "biggest ever increase in support for R&D".

"We proudly back businesses across this country because they are creating the wealth that actually pays for the NHS and everything else," said Johnson.

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