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People with Anxiety Disorders and Depression Need Help Now More than Ever

Not just in the pandemic, but it has been observed in the last few years that depression and anxiety are becoming the most common disorders day-by-day, mainly among the millennial population
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The nature of coronavirus crisis has changed people’s lifestyles. They are locked inside their homes during lockdown, some people are losing their work, while some are working from home. In these times of pandemic, domestic violence also has been increased. All these conditions are becoming the major reasons that most of the population is dealing with daily stresses and anxiety.

Modern Health—the global preventative mental wellness platform—recently announced the findings from its report, State of the Industry: Mental Health in the Coronavirus Era. The research was fielded in May, 2020 and surveyed more than 700 adults about the impact of Covid-19 crisis on their mental health, relationships, finances and work.

On the topic, VP of Clinical Care at Modern Health, Dr. Myra Altman commented, "Coronavirus alone was making employees more stressed than ever - almost half reported feeling more stress and anxiety throughout this outbreak than any other time in their life. As a result, we saw a significant shift in attitudes with over a third of employees more open to seeking support for mental health than pre-pandemic," 

Altman also stated, "It was against this backdrop that America witnessed the killing of George Floyd which sparked off activist protests globally. We are facing compounding crises in America that is clearly creating a stronger and more urgent need for mental health support. 2020 has to be the year that we take steps to democratize and destigmatize access to mental health care for all."

Not just in the pandemic, but it has been observed that in last few years that depression, anxiety are becoming the most common disorders day-by-day, mainly among the millennial population. Only in the United States, approximately 10 million people suffer from mental illness every year. According to Anxiety and Depression of America, approx. 322 million people are depressed worldwide. Also, developed countries are grappling with mental illnesses hugely as per the available data.

Previously people used to hesitate to talk about their mental health, but now, the situation is changing. Many initiatives by pages on Social Media platforms and healthcare organizations have made people comfortable to ask for help when they feel depressed.

Owing to the increasing prevalence of anxiety disorders and depression, the anxiety disorders and depression treatment market will grow in the coming years as per the predictions by industry experts. They also mention that increasing research and development activities are gaining new growth avenues for the market.

Some of the organizations including Hope for Depression, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the American Psychiatric Association etc. are already active in the anxiety disorders and depression treatment market.

The research report by the Insight Partners states that the factors such as rising awareness and the increasing contribution of government organizations to ease disease burden are bolstering the growth of the anxiety disorders and depression treatment market.

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