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MSBAI Announces Partnerships to Help Engineers Harness Simulations with AI

MSBAI was selected by Siemens for their Frontier Partner Program, for startups that can offer new approaches to software.
By SIN Bureau
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MSBAI has signed partnership agreements with Numeca USA and Siemens Digital Industries Software for computer aided engineering (CAE), and cloud high performance computing (HPC) platform leader, Rescale.

The new agreements make it easy for engineers around the globe to run simulations easily and instantly through the cloud.

Engineers use computer simulations for anything from airflow over wings to thermal analysis of the hot section in gas turbines. Simulation software can be complex, so it can be a challenge for engineers to get the most out of it.

So MSBAI created GURU, an AI-driven assistant that learns to run the complicated software itself so you don't have to — minimizing the human workload needed to translate engineering questions into computational workflows.  By running the GURU assistant with the Rescale platform, engineers can maximize simulation features of software like Siemens and Numeca, while taking advantage of the scalability, customizability, and seamlessness of the cloud.

MSBAI's goal is to give everyone the tools they need to use sophisticated engineering software and cloud services, regardless of their experience level, by offering the GURU assistant.  Furthermore, MSBAI was selected by Siemens for their Frontier Partner Program, for startups that can offer new approaches to software.

"We're excited to be working with these leading companies in Computer Aided Engineering and Cloud HPC," said Allan Grosvenor, CEO of MSBAI.  "The entire purpose of GURU is to radically increase the number of engineers who can use the best engineering software for their projects, and deploy the jobs to the cloud so they can get more done. So partnering with these premier vendors is essential for us."

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