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Let Animals Live, Plant-Based Meat Served Hot on the Table

The growing vegan and flexitarian population globally and rising awareness about the health benefits are the major reasons that are boosting the plant-based meat market. But as the meat is entirely processed, many nutritionists recommend to avoid regular addition to the diet and limited consumption.
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The growing vegan and flexitarian population across the world and rising awareness about the health benefits of plant-based meat over animal meat are two of the major reasons that are boosting the plant-based meat market.

Plant Based Raw Pork in a Bowl (Source: Impossible Food Website)

To make this meat, plant-based sources such as soy, wheat, or pea go through various processes like grinding, mixing, blending, forming/shaping, freezing systems etc. Mostly, these processes produce pork, beef, chicken, and fish which gives similar mouthfeel and texture just like animal’s meat. This meat is used to make burger patties, sausages, strips, nuggets, and meatballs etc. in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and households.

Source: Beyond Meat Website

Amy's Kitchen, Beyond Meat, Gold and Green Foods Ltd., Impossible Food Inc., and Maple Leaf Foods are already engaged in the plant-based food market. Beyond Meat provides the plant-based Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage. The food maker claims that the burgers don’t contain gmos, soy, or gluten.

The health benefits of plant-based meats also include zero cholesterol, similar calories as animal meat and more sodium than animal-based meats. This is completely opposite to the consumption of the red meat that may cause health issues like diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.

As per the recommendations by Food and drugs Administration (FDA), adults must have 28 grams dietary fiber daily through their diet and their intake is approximately 15 grams a day. As, animal based products don’t contain the fiber, plant-based meat fulfil the need of consumers by providing the required nutrient.

As per the report by the Insight Partners, the health benefits and the nutritional values associated with the plant-based meat products are a reason for the global rise and expansion of the plant-based meat products.

But, all is not good with these foods. People with allergies of sources like wheat and soy will avoid eating the products. This makes it necessary for the food-makers to mention the nutrients on the food packages properly, because if the consumer ignores it, the food product may harm that person. This will then restrict the growth of the plant-based meat market.

Since some plant-based meats are entirely processed and tasty but many may not have the required nutrients. That’s why many nutritionists recommend to avoid regular addition to the diet and limited consumption of the food made by these products.

Considering all facts, it can’t be said that the intake of these plant-based meats is a healthier option but it definitely deceases the consumption of red animal meat which is harmful to the environment and may cause long term diseases.

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