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How to Protect Crucial Data in the Virtual Workspace?

With the adoption of virtual workplace, security concerns related to data are increasing. To protect the crucial data, it is high time that companies must implement security management services or tools.
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To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, many major companies have announced virtual workspace environment till this year-end considering the safety concerns of their employees. As company’s processes are operated from various regions, data security risks are likely. To prevent these risks, company’s management must implement security management services to protect the crucial data.


Apart from current increased use of cloud computing caused by forced work from home trend due to lockdown, demand for cloud computing has been increased exponentially in past few years, as per the observation by market analysts. Development of smart city projects & increase in the implementation of government initiatives are some of the main factors driving the growth of the cloud security market.

With this increasing expansion, the cloud computing market is likely to face threats such as data breaches, data loss, and insecure application programming interfaces (API). That’s why to secure a digital infrastructure of the company, the cloud-security solutions have become must. Cloud security involves a set of controls and various policies that help to cater security aspects by protecting data, infrastructure and applications.

Security service provider companies like Broadcom Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Fortinet, Inc., IBM Corporation, and McAfee, LLC are already active in the Cloud-Security market. On the other side, the research report of the Insight Partners states that the strategic activities like acquisition, collaborations and partnerships are helping companies to expand globally.

Internet Security

As organizations are spending larger amount of funding on IT infrastructure, use of internet is rising. With the increasing use of this adoption in major industries such as IT and telecommunications, BFSI, retail, government, and education etc., are worrying regarding the data protection.

Internet security provider plays vital role in this scenario. These companies help to secure data by implementing tools, services or in the form of devices. The information can be protected by setting process options like authentication, content filtering, access control, and cryptography, etc.

Currently, BullGuard, Cisco Systems, Inc., Cylance Inc., Dell, Heimdal Security are some of the few player that are dominating the internet security market. The research report by the Insight Partners says, “Increase in online transactions, and growing internet applications is creating lucrative business opportunities for the players operating in the internet security market.”

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