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Hong Kong can Rely on EU’s Support in its ‘Difficult Times’

The dialogue came after US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, which could have implications for the city’s special trading status with America if lawmakers in Washington feel its autonomy has been eroded.
By SIN Bureau
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Hong Kong can rely on the support of the European Union in troubled times, a visiting EU delegation to the city said on Thursday, after talks with local politicians.

“True friends stand by each other at difficult times, and Hong Kong can count on the EU in this regard,” Gunnar Wiegand, managing director for Asia and the Pacific at the European External Action Service (EEAS) said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

The team from the EEAS, which represents the EU on diplomatic and foreign affairs, was visiting Hong Kong for their annual “structured dialogue”, which the EU said earlier was intended to promote “even closer EU-Hong Kong cooperation”.

During their talks, the two sides exchanged views on “various matters of mutual interest, including [the] latest developments”, the statement said.

The visit came amid the long-running protests in Hong Kong and after repeated statements from Brussels on the city’s need to uphold the rule of law and maintain its autonomy.

During the recent siege of Polytechnic University, the EEAS said that the actions of Hong Kong’s police must “remain strictly appropriate, while fundamental freedoms, including the right of peaceful assembly of Hongkongers, must be upheld”.

In July, the European Parliament passed a resolution denouncing violence by police officers against the protesters. It also called on the EEAS to “raise all these concerns and to ensure a dialogue” in its interactions with governments in Beijing and Hong Kong.

The EU was Hong Kong’s third-largest trading partner last year, according to the EEAS statement.

Beijing has criticised both Brussels and Washington for what it describes as interference in China’s internal affairs.On Thursday, China’s foreign ministry said Trump’s signing of the democracy act “severely infringed on Hong Kong affairs, seriously interfered in China’s internal politics, and gravely violated international laws and the basic principles of international relations”.

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