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HealthTech is Influencing Lifestyle

As technology is taking place in each and every sector, healthcare is also not behind. From administration to surgeries, from blood collections to final diagnosis reports, technology is involved. On personal level also, we use it to track our daily activities.
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In the world of globalization, everyone is becoming health conscious. Medical tourism is increasing as people are spending maximum percentage of their earning on medical services. The increasing awareness and expenditure on medical services is causing competition among healthcare organizations to enrich their patient’s experience and keep them engaged. As, the industry is becoming patient-centric, it has become necessary for these organizations to implement tools and technologies in core healthcare as well as in back-office processes for fast and efficient workflow.

The medical record management offers software and solution services to maintain documentation related to patient’s registration, billing, and administration effectively. Cloud adoption has become necessary to improve storage, scalability, & security of patient's data. Increasing implementation of IT and reduction in costs are the major drivers for the growth of healthcare cloud computing market. Technological advancements, proliferation of internet, and favorable regulatory acts are likely to add new opportunities for this market in the coming years.

As incidence of accidents and trauma cases rise across the globe, blood banking devices market is expanding. Moreover, the initiatives taken by the governments and NGOs such as conduction of blood donation camps and spreading awareness regarding blood donations are also among the several other factors promoting the growth of global blood banking devices market. For collection, separation and storage of blood, analyzers, filters and storage devices play important role. According to a report by The Insight Partners, North America holds a dominant position in the global blood banking devices market which is primarily attributed to the presence of large number of blood banks and rising incidence of blood cancer (leukemia) in the region. Increasing number of innovative product launches of blood collection and storage devices from the prominent players located in North American region is also driving the growth of this market in this region.

When we talk about medical surgeries, Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) represents a surgical concept and set of methods, that use computer technology for surgical planning, and for guiding or performing surgical interventions. It helps to improve healthcare facilities, to increase the preference of patients towards treatment by minimally invasive surgical procedures, initiate to reduce the medical costs, and technological advancements. Nevertheless, high maintenance, and lack of professionals are expected to restrict the market growth during the forecast period.

On an individual level, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is in trend among the youth as well as in old generation. Mostly people in these generations leave alone and it becomes necessary for them to track some information related to the health. One can order medicines at home by using some websites or apps. There are many mobile apps available that track one’s diet plan, workout, and measure BMI etc. Accessories like Apple watch, Fitbit and many more are helping us to measure our all-day activities, exercise, sleep and weight.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

The ECG app on Apple Watch enables users to take an electrocardiogram right from their wrist, capturing heart rhythm in a moment when they experience symptoms like a rapid or skipped heart beat and helping to provide critical data to physicians. 

Improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the solutions is further likely to augment market growth of healthcare IT. But, for organization, high implementation cost and issues concerning data privacy and security may negatively influence the medical record management market.

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