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Drones and Smartphone Apps are Helping Governments to Contain COVID-19 Spread

Many companies, healthcare and engineering experts, government bodies, and research institutes have come together to share knowledge and find new innovative technology solutions such as drones and smartphone apps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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Coronavirus cases are increasing exponentially around the world and doctors and paramedics on the frontline are risking their lives to save infected patients. It has become very critical for doctors in highly affected countries to attend and treat patients properly due to the smaller number of healthcare human resource. To make this situation better, there must be no new cases, so that doctors can focus on the existing ones. That’s why it has become very important to contain the spread of COVID-19 and each and every country is on a mission to control the spread of this virus.

OMI Drone Disinfection System

With this need, many companies, healthcare and engineering experts, government bodies, and research institutes have come together to share knowledge and find new innovative technology solutions such as drones and smartphone apps to prevent the spread. Surprisingly, some of them are ensuring that legal terms like copyrights, patents, and other restrictions will not hamper this process.


Drones are playing a vital role in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Drone disinfection systems help to provide a safe and disinfected area in large indoor/outdoor spaces. For example, a K-Solv Group Company, OMI Environmental Solutions announced a Drone Disinfection System for use in large indoor spaces to kill the coronavirus. The company claims that this system disperses a mist of EPA approved agents that kills COVID-19 and 99.9% of bacteria within 60 seconds of contact. These drones are able to fly inside large open areas such as covered stadiums, convention centers, school gyms/cafeterias, warehouses, sports arenas, movie theatres, or any place with high ceilings/large open spaces.

As governments impose lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus, drone technology is ensuring that citizens are adhering to the strict measures put in place. Since the early weeks of the outbreak, China used surveillance drones to enforce social-distancing rules to its people. The trend has become global now as many countries are seen deploying drones with loudspeakers to urge people to stay at their homes and avoid public gatherings. Police forces in France and Spain have been testing these drones to identify those who are refusing to follow lockdown restrictions.

To avoid human interactions, drones are also being used for the delivery of medical supplies including PPEs, medicines, and some medical devices. Plus, these drones are proved to be an efficient option to transfer samples from hospitals to laboratories for rapid diagnosis process.

Smartphone Apps

At the second and third stages of COVID-19 crisis, community spread becomes a major concern for government bodies. In the lockdown scenario, tracking the coronavirus infected patients has become necessary to contain the spread.

Governments are seen launching smartphone apps to track and monitor the health condition of the population. Every citizen—who has installed the app—has to fill his/her current health condition in the app. If COVID-19 related symptoms are found out, the person is then guided for the further step. These apps track every user’s location, so if anyone comes across the infected/suspected/recovered patient, it notifies its user and that helps him/her to stay away from that area.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety of South Korea has developed an app that allows users—who have been asked stay at home—to keep in touch with caseworkers and continuously report on their health progress. It also tracks their location to ensure that they are not breaking the quarantine rules.

Recently, the Indian government also launched its app, Aarogya Setu, designed to automatically share the time and GPS location of its one user to another if they come across each other. As India is the most populated country, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has encouraged the initiative and now he is promoting the app so that it will become easy for his team to control the crisis.

Many people are questioning the privacy policies of these apps, as every user’s movement has been tracked. To encourage people to install the app, Aarogya Setu has made changes in its privacy policy. According to the new changes, the app will not share any data with third-party apps, the data will be stored for only 30 days, after this duration, it will get removed automatically.

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