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Coronavirus Fears Bolstering Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Markets

As hand sanitizers and disinfectants are frequently used in occupational and healthcare processes when the risk of transmitting infectious pathogens is much higher. And because of the coronavirus outbreak, demand for the these products has been increased in the global market.
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Coronavirus—which is now known as COVID-19— outbreak has become serious concern for almost every country. Currently, there are 49,948 infected patients and it has caused approximately 4,378 deaths worldwide. The fear of the disease has led to an increase in demand of sanitizer and disinfectants. These rising demands are causing the great opportunities for the growth of hand sanitizers and disinfectants market. Many sanitizer making companies have witnessed lift in their product’s sales. According to the report by The Insight Partners, the hand sanitizer market is estimated to reach at US$ 39,223.1 million by 2027 at the growing CAGR of 40.0%.

As hand sanitizer neutralizes microbes and germs on the surface of the skin, it is frequently used in occupational and healthcare processes when the risk of transmitting infectious pathogens is much higher. And because of the coronavirus outbreak, demand for the sanitizers is increased to avoid the infection.

Many industries including automotive, aerospace, food and beverages etc. and major world economies are affected by this outbreak. But, industries related to healthcare such as hand sanitizer and disinfectants are in boom. The reason behind this is that surface disinfectants help to prevent hospital-acquired infections. These are intended to disinfect and clean hard surfaces of monitors, patient trolleys, beds, x-ray equipment and non-invasive medical devices such as IV poles.

Other than this pandemic, the frequent outbreaks of cases of flu and other contagious diseases, rising awareness about hygiene, and the increasing want for better living standard have generated significant demand for hand sanitizers in recent years. Plus, the use of hand sanitizers has become ubiquitous in many public settings such as hospitals, gyms, restaurants, factories, offices, and malls, etc. are the another reasons that the demand for hand sanitizers is increasing.

According to US Center for Disease Control (CDC), COVID-19 spread mainly from person-to-person by two ways. It gets transfer when people are in close contact with each other (within about 6 feet). Or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs and these droplets land in the noses/mouths of another person who is nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. The CDC has also recommended that citizens must utilize EPA-Registered and Hospital Grade Disinfectant cleaners to combat against COVID-19.

But it can be helpful, only when it is used properly. Paco Agrafojo, Director of Marketing at Permatex noted "Many consumers spray on a disinfectant cleaner and almost immediately wipe it away.” Then He added, “they don't realize that they need to let the spray stay on long enough for it to disinfect the surface."

According to experts, owing to the rising prevalence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) globally, the surface disinfectant market is also expected to boom in coming years.

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