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China Bans Export of Test Kits & Medical Supplies by Firms not Licensed to Sell

After European buyers complain of being sold substandard products, Beijing says only companies approved by the National Medical Products Administration can ship their goods overseas. Previously, manufacturers needed only to have CE accreditation to be able to sell in Europe.
By SIN Bureau
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Chinese manufacturers of coronavirus test kits and related medical supplies have been told they can no longer export their products unless they also have the relevant licences to sell their products in the domestic market.

The move comes after China was hit with a number of complaints from buyers in Europe about the quality and accuracy of tests kits and other products.

The new rule applies to all companies seeking to export test kits, face masks, protective clothing, ventilators and infrared thermometers, according to a joint statement issued on Tuesday by the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and the National Medical Products Administration.

Previously, Chinese exporters were required only to have CE certification to indicate their goods conformed to the health and safety standards required for sale within the European Economic Area.

The statement said also that companies must demonstrate to the Chinese customs agency that their products meet the relevant standards of the countries to which there goods are being exported.

The new rules would be tightly implemented and any company caught trying to undermine or circumvent them would be punished accordingly, it said.

Also on Tuesday, the commerce ministry released a list of manufacturers that have obtained the relevant licences and registrations from the National Medical Products Administration – formerly known as the China Food and Drug Administration – for use by overseas buyers in search of qualified suppliers.

With countries around the world in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for test kits and protective clothing and equipment has soared. While the coronavirus outbreak began in central China, the country has since brought it largely under control and as a result, manufacturers have been able to switch their focus to serving overseas markets.

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