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Cheers to the Healthier Non-alcoholic Fermented Beverages

As consumption patterns of beverages are changing and because of spreading awareness related to health benefits, Fermented non-alcoholic drinks are gaining popularity.
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Fermentation is a way to preserve and improve the nutritional aspects of beverages. Fermented beverages include some dairy products, soft drinks, juices and beers etc.

The fermented non-alcoholic drinks market is witnessing continuous rise in recent years. The main reasons that boosting the market are surging disposable incomes and growing focus towards convenient lifestyle by millennial generation. Plus technological innovations in the process of fermentation, rise in the investment for research and development activities are estimated to drive the market to grow.

Koumiss and kefir are examples of beverages that enhance the gastrointestinal and helps to improve overall mechanism of our body. Also, a fermented milk is known an immunity booster as well as it reduces cholesterol and blood levels too. As per the research experts, fermented milk industry is estimated to grow at approximately $396.87 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 5.1%.

Also, non-alcoholic beer market is the fastest growing in past few years at the CAGR of approximately an 8%. Factors that promoting this industry are

  • Change in consumption patterns of beverages
  • Increasing demand for beers with less liquor content because of dietary concerns
  • Continuous spreading awareness regarding the health issues caused by alcohol

On 27th August 2019, Two Roots Brewing Co., makers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beer, announced the addition of its non-alcoholic craft beers in BevMo! stores pan California. On the occasion its CEO Michael Hayford said, "With the goal of reaching all consumers, Two Roots is the first cannabis brand to enter traditional retail, and in doing tackling three key beverage segments; craft beer, non-alcoholic craft beer and cannabis infused non-alcoholic craft beer, and two of the fastest growing global trends" he added.

Beverage making companies such as Coca Cola, Drift West Water Kefir, KeVita, King of Kefir and Lifeway Foods are already engaged in the market. Even if the industry is succeeding to attract the customers but the report by The Insight Partners says that the market growth may get hamper if the health claims associated to these fermented non-alcoholic drinks are not verified properly.

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