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Case Study: Yesway Uses Video Surveillance Beyond Security

The rapidly growing U.S. convenience store chain Yesway selected March Networks Searchlight for Retail solution for advanced video surveillance and analytics. With the installation of searchlight, Yesway can reduce losses, improve customer satisfaction and develop operational efficiency.
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Demand for 'video surveillance' in retail industry is growing rapidly in recent years. Whether owners of big supermarkets to small retailers, they demand these systems to control staff and observe the customers’ movements. Also, these systems help to improve security and prevent loss of products.

A March Networks IP camera overlooks a Yesway convenience store.

Yesway, a U.S.-based Convenience Stores chain with more than 150 stores needed standard surveillance system that can monitor all stores. It became essential for the retailer to standardize all processes as they had expansion plans in the pipeline. Yesway was looking for a combination of high-quality video surveillance, point-of-sale (POS) transaction data and analytics to monitor operations visually at all of its sites and quickly analyze transaction data for anomalies.

They chose the March Networks Searchlight solution and started deploying it in the retail stores across Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas,  Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Using the software, the c-store can rapidly search & sort all of its transactions and match them with corresponding video clips. The company can also group higher-risk transaction types like refunds and assign risk factors to its stores based on the number of these transactions. Yesway, Safety & Asset Protection Manager, Brandon Pohlman, said, “The insights uncovered by Searchlight have helped Yesway reduce its shrink levels and improve the speed and efficiency of asset protection investigations.”

Plus for asset protection, the solution is delivering Business Intelligence (BI) through the integration of video analytics including people counting, queue length and dwell time. The solution is also helping to Yesway departments to monitor operations, merchandising and customer service across the organization.

With the March Networks' complete solution for c-stores, Yesway is able to cut losses, improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Outsourcing the system to vendors has proved to be quite beneficial for the c-store as it comes without any worry and is maintain and monitored by the trained professionals employed by vendor. Outsourcing the surveillance software support helps stores and other retailers feel relaxed and get all the benefits at a low investment.

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