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Case Study: Weetabix Improves Product Quality with Strong Employee Engagement

Weetabix Food Company selected Lauras International to find solutions for the issues related to production processes and wastage management.
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It is very crucial for any food manufacturer to have a system that can help to produce quality product without wasting inputs. Plus, with good infrastructure, it needs a strong involvement of employees in all types of processes. One such food producer, Weetabix Food Company wanted to improve its product's quality with minimum energy usage.

Weetabix Food Company is a manufacturer of cereals and cereal bars in the United Kingdom (UK). The mills at Burton Latimer export to minimum 80 countries. Also, Weetabix has a chain of manufacturing plants around the world including its division at North America. Its all plats employ approximately 1,800 staff members.

Weetabix Food Company selected Lauras International to find solutions for the issues related to production processes and wastage management etc. Lauras provides improvement support to manufacturing businesses. It helps manufacturers to enhance the rate of improvement as well as deliver surprising rates of return.

The Lauras team supported the Weetabix Food Company’s Bars business unit in achieving production improvements through employees’ engagements. The implementation of solutions included training and coaching sessions for technicians, operators, and front-line managers. These sessions combined a series of workshops that had various streams of activities.

The unit management team of Lauras consultants not only designed a detailed improvement plan but also set area improvement charters. The workshops began with the training in Rapid Lean improvement tools. This training was followed by operators investigating and fixing issues and helping to ensure easy solutions that stuck.

Few of the workshop topics were optimisation of accumulation and line control, reduction of product weight variation, eliminating speed restricting problems, reduction of waste and giveaway, reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and implementing a breakdown investigation system etc.

As a result of these solutions Weetabix witnessed the improvements in the output by over 50% and reduction of the waste materials by approx. 80%. This way Lauras helped the food maker to improve quality of product while reducing the use of energy.

After experiencing the improvements, Weetabix, Head of Manufacturing, Mike Parsons stated, “With the support of the Lauras team, the Bars business unit has made great strides forward with some exceptional results. It has been gratifying to witness the confidence and capability of the people grow paralleling the rise in plant performance. I look forward with great optimism to the continuing journey and an ongoing partnership with Lauras International”

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