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Case Study: Misty II, an Open-Platform Robot, Helps Developers to Shape the Future of Robotics

Misty Robotics and Lantronix team up to create open-platform robot. Misty II utilizes Qualcomm Robotics solutions to provide open-platform robot which will be capable to do tasks in education, eldercare and COVID-19 transmission prevention.
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Robotics has become an essential part of many heavy sectors including manufacturing, automobile, and aerospace etc. Plus, we have seen in COVID-19 pandemic that robots are being used to take care of patients in hospitals or serve consumers at hotels/restaurants. These instances are indicating that existence of robots is not our future anymore; it is our present. To make robots a part of our everyday life, its developers require an accessible platform upon which they can design the robots.

Misty Robotics is a company behind Misty, a robot platform purpose-built for developers. Misty Robotics was facing challenges to co-create an open-platform robot that will be able to perform human-like tasks with a personality as well as perception abilities. It also wanted this robot could serve as the basis for additional application development.

Additionally, to have the powerful technology needed for a useful robot, the company needed easy to program platform and expandable capabilities for the Misty II robot. The goal behind this was to create an open platform so that developers from around the globe could contribute to Misty’s growth.

Misty Robotics selected Lantronix Inc. to create an open-platform robot to use in the COVID-19 transmission prevention, businesses, home and education. Lantronix Inc. provides intelligent edge and secure data management solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

To help Misty Robotics, Lantronix incorporated Qualcomm Robotics solutions into the design. Misty’s hardware has two IES System on Modules (SOMs) based on solutions from Qualcomm Technologies.

Working with Qualcomm Technologies’ robotics and audio team, Lantronix helped for facilitating an advanced audio and keyword tuning. Advanced audio features for beam forming and noise reduction are the key features to aid users interacting with Misty while in noisy environments.

“Our expanded strengths enable us to offer Intelligent Edge Solutions that address a wide variety of development and manufacturing needs to support our customers’ visions — ranging from robotics to medical solutions to the fight against COVID-19”, said Paul Pickle, CEO of Lantronix.

Lantronix design services were leveraged by Misty Robotics in the development of many other software capabilities such as camera management, display panel support, audio management, speaker output, audio topology support using multiple microphones, inter-processor communication, tuning of noise suppression, and battery charging. Lantronix also helped Misty Robots for FCC certification testing support and hardware design reviews.

This way, Lantronix helped Misty Robotics to take full advantage of robotics solutions from Qualcomm Technologies for the creation of Misty II, an open robotics development and learning platform.

“Working with Lantronix and its Intelligent Edge Solutions (IES) platform, we created Misty II with the performance and development capabilities needed for meaningful tasks and customization for business, home healthcare and educational use”, said Morgan Bell, Head of Engineering for Misty Robotics.

Now, Misty has an impressive array of capabilities and it gives developers the opportunities to build meaningful robot applications. As a result, developers are able to build their own robots with Misty. Utilizing Misty’s open platform, they can devote their attention to implement their ideas and share it with the world.

“Misty’s most promising applications may have yet to be discovered. She has the potential to tap into the imagination of millions of developers who aspire to work with robots, helping shape the future of the industry,” stated Bell.

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