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Case Study: @Home Estate and Lettings Agency Sells Property Faster with High-Tech Marketing Tools

To showcase expertise in online property marketing, @Home Estates and Lettings Agents added Matterport offering more virtual platforms to view properties online with tools such as virtual tours and 360 snapshots.
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In recent years, estate agency market has witnessed that the customers who want to own any property are moving towards online approach for all purchase related activities. So, for this shift, property’s owner or constructor need a real estate agency that is active in this environment so that they can get appropriate price of the property and process of selling will also become effortless. One such estate agent is @Home Estates and Lettings Agents.

@Home Estate and Lettings Agency provide adverts and a professional photographer in its package so that the customers are able to see home clearly. It makes the pictures more attractive and advert larger and because of these efforts its online platform showcases seller’s home more attractive than its competitors. @Home's team closes sales and lettings for approximately 100 residential properties per year with a sale price of about £375,000.

In a heavy competition, @Home has been successful in the slow market. Customers, sellers as well as letters turn to @Home for valuable and unique services to assist in the decision making.

To showcase the expertise in online property marketing by offering more virtual platforms to view properties, @Home Estate and Lettings Agency integrated Matterport into services for closing times and property value.

Matterport is the spatial data company focused on indexing and digitizing the built world. Its 3D data platform enables one to turn any space into a digital twin that can be used to design, construct, operate, and promote any space.

@Home enhance their online property listings with Matterport’s tools like virtual tours and 360 snapshots that other estate agents don't have access to.

Three agencies were struggling to sell a £1.25 million property from eight months but failed. After the integration with Matterport, @Home managed to sell the same property within 6 weeks. At the beginning stage of the company, this sale helped greatly to increase its property value portfolio because its previous most expensive property value was £675,000. This deal has provided a competitive benefit in high-tech property marketing.

By enriching visual showcase online, @Home Estates and Lettings Agents managed to sell high-value properties five times faster than its competitors. As a result, the company witnessed 1/3 increase in its income. The company also claims that it sold properties of 50% higher value than before.

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