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Case Study: Hiring Workflow at HCL Becomes More Efficient and Flexible with Asynchronous Video Interviews

The hiring team observed that out of hundreds of resumes only 3–5% candidates were eligible for the offered position. To avoid this, HCL started to look for a resource-friendly and efficient solution to its hiring workflow.
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With the globalization, multinational innovative technology companies are always seen hunting for good resources to create talented and efficient team. These companies receive large number of applications from many candidates coming from each and every corner of the nation and it becomes very chaotic for the management to select suitable candidate from these applications. The HCL team was also going through the same issue.

HCL was handling hundreds of applications on regular basis as well as sifting the quality candidates from numerous applications was becoming time consuming from its team. Also, scheduling screening interviews with candidates was used to take a lot of the bandwidth of the hiring team.

To avoid this, HCL started to look for a resource-friendly and efficient solution to its hiring workflow. The hiring team observed that out of hundreds of resumes only 3–5% candidates were eligible for the offered position. The team also used to spend approximately 10 to 15 minutes on a call with all applicants for an initial screening and it found that most of these candidates did not meet the criteria the company was looking for. So, the hiring team was investing lot of resources and time to schedule the first screening calls. The suitable times of the team member as well as the candidates need to be coordinated. The task of arranging these calls was used to take a lot of time. Considering all these procedures, HCL’s management wanted a solution to filter the resumes of candidates according to the requirement and make hiring process more flexible and efficient.

HCL then selected Talview to meet its requirements related to hiring processes. To provide solutions to these issues, Talview used its Asynchronous (Automated) Video Interviewing capabilities to conduct the initial screening process. With the Asynchronous video interviews, the team members were able to conduct the interviews at their own time. This way the solution helped the team to save time that it was previously spending on planning and scheduling the interviews. Also, the initial screening task could be divided among the team members. Plus, the hiring team was able to judge the interest levels and dedication of the applicant for the offered position by using the Talview’s Asynchronous Video Interviews solution.

After observing the effects of the solution provided by Talview, HCL America Inc.’s Group Project Manager, Mohanasundaram Rajamanickam stated, “A lot of times it was difficult to coordinate time to schedule interviews with so many candidates. Talview’s Asynchronous Video Interviews gives us the flexibility to screen candidates at our own time, as well as allocate tasks within the team. The success rate of the conversions with Talview has been good, and Talview has been a great help for the team here.”

This way, with the solution provided by Talview, only two evaluators for HCL’s hiring team were able to assess more than 1200 candidates in a span of six months. The solution has helped these evaluators to save 67% (200 hours) of panel time.

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