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Case Study: Evans Food Group Continues to Grow in Pork Rind Industry by Using Technology Solutions

Evans Food Group was under limitations by using multiple outdated legacy systems and it has lack of standardized processes across its business locations. Ultra helped the food producer to enhance recall & traceability, improve data access, remove manual tasks and improve production planning.
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In today’s world, every industry is looking for technology solution for the smooth functioning and growth of the businesses. AI, data science, and robotics are some of the major technologies that are becoming popular in the business. In food industry also, companies are seen adapting the technology-based solutions for the processes like planning, manufacturing, packaging of the product etc.

One such company is Evans Food Group Ltd. Evans, a Chicago-based company, produces pork rinds and snack products including pork skins, sancochos, cracklins, and pickled products. Being a contract manufacturer, Evans Food Group serves distributors, ethnic food companies, and retailers located across the world’s markets. The company consists four manufacturing locations in the U.S., in addition to its headquarters location.

It was essential for the Evans Food Group to have solid plan to help with recall and traceability. The company’s management needed a quicker access to accurate and efficient data to take faster and better decisions for the company’s improvement. Along with the requirement of this data, company wanted to use only system to streamline various practices and initiate common and standardized processes across its all business locations. But, Evans Food Group was under limitations by using multiple outdated legacy systems and it has lack of standardized processes across its business locations.

To solve these business process challenges and guide the identification, selection and implementation of a required technology-based solution, Evans Food Group Ltd. partnered with Ultra Consultants.

Ultra Consultants, a research and enterprise solutions consulting firm, serves the manufacturing and distribution industries in North America, as well as companies operating on global platform. Ultra delivers enterprise technology expertise and process management to the companies for better business improvements.

After collaboration with Ultra Consultants, Evans Food Group is now able to analyze needs to take the company to next level. Ultra also helped the food producer to remove manual tasks and improve production planning. By using the pre-defined process flows, training resulting from Ultra’s business process improvement steps and documents, the company owns structured organizational blueprint that helps to achieve continuous improvements and meet its goals.

CFO of Evan’s Food Group, Craig Leese shared, “Working with Ultra Consultants on this ERP project has placed us in an improved strategic position as we continue to grow within and beyond our pork rind industry. Acquisitions are coming online with unprecedented short timelines. We’re impressed.”

Company has proven itself as a largest producer in their industry, and leaders at the company predict that these new technology solutions will definitely accelerate impressive growth in future.

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