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B&B Systems Expands Consumer Products Line With Acquisition of The Quit Company

B&B Systems, Inc. plans to continue to manufacture and distribute The Quit Company products as usual to help smokers replace the habit and improve their health.
By SIN Bureau
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B&B Systems, Inc. announced the acquisition of The Quit Company, LLC. The acquisition will add to B&B Systems' growing line of proprietary consumer health products and healthcare businesses. Other brands under its umbrella are Namaste Supplements and Archies Toys.

The Quit Company's Quit Tea

The Quit Company was acquired from founder and CEO Matt Bucklin for an undisclosed sum and terms. The sale of The Quit Company to B&B Systems includes all proprietary products, corresponding digital assets of the products, supplies and equipment, distribution channels, and intellectual property related to the products.

Partners Ariel and Arash Moghaddam of B&B Systems, Inc. and Matt Bucklin have had a long-standing relationship to distribute The Quit Company products, such as Quit Tea. "The acquisition is a natural fit since Ariel and Arash are familiar with the products and very effective at selling products like these. At one point, it was the highest-volume vendor for Quit Tea," Bucklin said.

B&B Systems, Inc. plans to continue to manufacture and distribute The Quit Company products as usual to help smokers replace the habit and improve their health. There are no immediate plans to change the name and the business will continue to operate at usual for the foreseeable future. The goal of the deal is to leverage the distribution network of The Quit Company to expand B&B Systems' own proprietary product lines and grow The Quit Company sales with existing synergies in their current businesses and sales model.

The acquisition is on track to be finalized before the end of 2019, with involvement from Bucklin to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

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