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Americans Avoid to Download Contact Tracing Apps Amid Data Privacy Concerns

Most of the Americans don't wish to download contact tracing apps as they are concerned about the digital privacy, as per the recent research. This study also reveals that Americans prefer big tech companies like Google or Microsoft then the government when it comes to data security.
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A recent study has revealed that 71% of Americans don’t wish to download a COVID-19 contact tracing app. They are doubting the technology due to the concerns regarding the prevention of digital privacy. The research—commissioned by Avira, a security and privacy solutions provider—was compiled from a June survey done by a third party.

As per the finding, Americans of age group between 25 and 44 rank Covid-19 contact tracing app as a biggest digital privacy threat than identify cybercrime of theft. Plus, 88% are the people having age of more than 55+ years, are most susceptible to the virus say they do not intend to download these apps. Also, government as well as healthcare workers are the least likely to download contact tracing apps as per the survey, as 84% of surveyed workers said they do not intend to download.

The study also reveals that approximately 40% of Americans said that no organization should have access to the data of COVID contact tracing app. If data must be shared, they are comfortable to give access to the hospitals directly, followed by Google or Apple and then the state government.

Also, over 75% of Americans are believing that their digital privacy is at risk if the data of COVID-19 contact tracing app is stored centrally. They believe that this data storage can be accessed by the government and authorities. Avira’s study concludes, “Americans are twice as likely to trust contact tracing technology provided by Big Tech to keep their data private over government-run apps”.

"We believe these survey results send a clear signal to both app creators and the government. COVID contact tracing apps could fail before they launch if developers don't communicate to the public how they plan to protect people's privacy," said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira. "Furthermore, most Americans reported they currently trust Big Tech over the government; for the success of this important venture, the technology experts should lead the charge on COVID contact tracing apps."

COVID-19 pandemic has made a major impact on people’s lives. Lifestyles are becoming more more technology-based as approx. 100 countries are affected. As many of these countries are reopening after the lockdown, government authorities and many companies/organizations are forcing people to use contact tracing apps. It will help them to maintain social distancing to control the virus spread. After breaking the news regarding the privacy concerns about use of contact-tracing apps, the people are confused whether to use it or not.

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