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Alcoholic Beverages are New Essentials in Lockdown Time

It's been observed that online delivery option to sell alcoholic beverages has really worked for the shops and breweries as the online orders for liquor has seen increased. Many players in the sector are looking for technological platforms to run their business in this uncertain times of coronavirus pandemic.
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Alcoholic beverages industry was in trouble to sell drinks as the government ordered to shut all bars, breweries in many regions to prevent coronavirus spread. But when many liquor shops started home delivery option and announced discount packages on various items, the industry is witnessing a surge in the sell.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, the purchase intent of famous “Corona” beer had gone down drastically because the virus and its name happen to be very similar. Even if there is no connection between the beer and coronavirus, many social platforms were full with its memes.

But, Saucey—an e-commerce platform, delivering on-demand beer, wine, and spirits to customers—stated that it experienced an unprecedented number of users on their platform on last week’s Thursday. It saw a 300% increase in area sales compared to a standard Thursday.

"As the concern over the COVID-19 virus has grown at both the state and public levels, I think you're not so coincidentally seeing a rise in people ordering alcohol," said Chris Vaughn, Co-founder & CEO of Saucey. "We're feeling the effects elsewhere too, like San Francisco and Chicago; we're doing our best to assist everyone who wants to use us and use us safely."

To satisfy the customers, many bars, breweries and shops are seen in search of technological support for online selling and marketing their products. Bottlecapps— a mobile app and web development company serving over 600 off-premise retailers across 40 US states, offering a needed solution to businesses—has also witnessed a spike in new client inquiries and supplier/brand interests for digital marketing and programming capabilities.

"We have built an online platform that uniquely serves all participating parties within the three-tier system of beer, wine and spirits. And in a time of need, our products and services have proven to be instrumental in the support of our industry. We strongly urge those off-premise accounts that do not currently have a permanent e-commerce solution to contact us for assistance," continued Dr. Desai.

For customers, many companies are implementing new initiatives. City Brew Tours, a curator of craft brewery tours and experiences in North America, announced the launch of their live Beer Events at Home to combat the isolating effects of the current crisis. The Live Homebrew Experience includes brewing instruction led live by one of City Brew Tours' expert beer guides via online video conference.

"We've curated the perfect kit for people to try homebrewing. These high-quality and reusable materials, with minimum investment, are shipped nationwide right to a participant's front door before the experience begins," said Barry Hansen, the company's COO and Mr. Brodsky's business partner.

Research study states that many people are under stress thinking about health issues, financial status, and work-related uncertainty because of this pandemic. And drinking liquor brings relaxation to their life for some time. This is the main reason that online shopping is gaining popularity in this uncertain time. But based on the observations, the industry experts predict that even if large industry players are comping up with new ideas in the market, small breweries are still not ready and capable to face the unclear challenges.

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