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Howitzer Market is expected to reach US$ 9,136.78 million by 2030

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Rising Procurement of Self-Propelled Howitzers Boosting Howitzer Market Growth


According to our latest market study on "Howitzer Market Forecast to 2030 – Global Analysis – by Component, Range, Type, and Geography," the market was valued at US$ 5,098.26 million in 2022, and it is expected to reach US$ 9,136.78 million by 2030; it is anticipated to register a CAGR of 7.6% from 2022 to 2030.


The major stakeholders in the howitzer market ecosystem include component suppliers, howitzer system manufacturers, and end users. The raw material /component providers are the crucial stakeholders in the ecosystem of the market. The major components used in howitzer systems include gun barrels, auxiliary systems, fire systems, ammunition handling systems, and other components. The timely supply of all these components is crucial for efficient operation across howitzer system manufacturing plants. Thus, any operational impact on these component providers directly affects the howitzer market. For instance, in 2020, the raw material suppliers faced challenges such as scarcity of raw materials, chemicals, and metals.


The evolving modern warfare scenario has compelled governments of various countries across the globe to assign significant funds and financial aid toward respective defense and military forces. The defense budget allocation supports army and military forces to obtain enhanced technologies and equipment from domestic or international developers. On the other hand, military and army vehicle upgrades are on the rise owing to growing defense budget allocation. Furthermore, the increasing governmental expenditure showcases governments' focus on strengthening national security forces. There is an increased need to reinforce military and border security forces with advanced surveillance, communication, navigation equipment, artilleries, armaments, and vehicles, among others; hence, military forces worldwide are focusing on investing significant amounts in procuring artillery systems and other advanced technologies. Defense forces' constant inclination to acquire new technologies for noncombat and combat operations further boosts military expenditure worldwide.

Howitzer Market Share – by Region, 2022

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Source: The Insight Partners Analysis

As per the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), global military expenditure increased to US$ 2,148 billion in 2022, representing a 3.5% increase from 2021. The US, China, India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia were the top five spenders in 2022, accounting for 63% of global expenditures. The figure given below depicts the yearly spending of these countries.

Military Expenditure of Top Five Countries (2020–2022)


2020 (US$ Million)

2021 (US$ Million)

2022 (US$ Million)

















Saudi Arabia




Source: SIPRI

The increasing military expenditure encourages incorporating advanced warfare technologies such as high-range antennas, self-propelled artillery including howitzers, advanced communication devices, unmanned vehicles, radars, missile detection systems, surveillance and navigation systems, and modern warfare technologies. In addition, a high military budget supports the countries in assigning resources for advancing and upgrading their existing air, ground-based, and naval defense systems. All these factors are contributing to the growing howitzer market size across different regions.


The howitzer market analysis is carried out by identifying and evaluating key players in the market across different regions. BAE Systems Plc, Elbit Systems Ltd, Avibras, Hanwha Group, RUAG Group., IMI Systems, General Dynamics, ST Engineering, Denel SOC Ltd, and Saab AB are among the major market players profiled in the howitzer market report. These companies provide customers with reliable solutions to cater to the growing market demand and remain competitive.


The global howitzer market report emphasizes the geopolitical dynamics of nations and their defense capabilities. With a multifaceted landscape influenced by technological advancements, security threats, and international collaborations, the market is characterized by ongoing modernization efforts, diversification of capabilities, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. The demand for diversified artillery capabilities is a key factor shaping the global howitzer market in the whole artillery systems industry. Nations seek artillery systems that can address a spectrum of operational scenarios, from conventional warfare to counterinsurgency operations. This diversification includes developing and acquiring various artillery types, such as towed howitzers, self-propelled howitzers, rocket launchers, and mortars. The goal is to possess a versatile artillery portfolio that can respond effectively to different threats and terrains. In 2022, North America accounted for the largest howitzer market share and is expected to retain its dominance in the coming years as well. This is mainly due to the presence of vendors such as General Dynamics, BAE Systems plc, and Lockheed Martin Corporation in North America.


Emerging markets, particularly in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, are other key contributors to the global howitzer market. Increased defense budgets, territorial tensions, and emphasis on indigenous defense capabilities characterize these regions. Governments in emerging markets are actively procuring artillery systems to build robust defense postures and reduce dependency on foreign suppliers. The procurement trends in these regions include a mix of imported systems and indigenous development initiatives.


Geopolitical considerations significantly influence the global howitzer market growth. Strategic rivalries, territorial disputes, and regional conflicts drive the demand for artillery capabilities. Nations often align their procurement strategies with perceived threats and geopolitical realities. The arms race and military build-up in certain regions contribute to the growth of the howitzer market as countries strive to maintain strategic parity or superiority.


The growing adoption of self-propelled artillery systems across different countries is one of the major howitzer market trends. Many European countries, such as Russia, the UK, and Germany, have been using self-propelled artillery systems for the past two decades and have been the leaders in the adoption of self-propelled howitzers across the world. Many companies have already developed self-propelled artillery systems to provide their customers with reliable and desired mission solutions to remain competitive in the highly competitive marketplace. For instance, in 2021, Czech company EXCALIBUR ARMY announced the launch of its DITA 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer system at IDEX 2021. Similarly, many other companies have been collaboratively working on the development and upgrades of self-propelled artillery systems, which is expected to cater to the emerging needs of the customers in the coming years as well. Hence, the howitzer market size is anticipated to surge in the coming years owing to the increase in the deployment of self-propelled artillery systems.


The increasing application of unmanned systems for various purposes, including weapon delivery, surveillance, or detection, boosts the demand for self-propelled artillery systems. The increasing adoption of self-propelled artillery systems reduces the logistics and transportation challenges faced while moving any artillery system. Self-propelled artillery systems allow for the reduction of the operational manpower required to operate any artillery systems such as howitzer or rocket artilleries.


The market players strongly focus on collaborating with different armed forces and governments of different countries to understand their respective demands and offer them suitable resolutions. Moreover, several aviation associations and organizations of different nations are investing substantially in developing advanced howitzer products, which is another major factor supporting the global howitzer market growth across different regions.


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